then we take a little hit

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I asked my brother for a glass of water and he brought me back a cup of ice and said β€œwait”

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*releases 420 cows into a field* hahahaha graze it

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It is truly so beautiful and wonderful how life falls together when you don’t worry and already know it will. Things are progressing and getting better and better everyday. I love my life. Also, today is the first day in a long ass time that I have nothing to do. Off to the gym I go, and then home for some needed relaxation and meditation all day ❀❀❀until my bby gets home from work. Beautiful times.

Chris and I will officially get the keys to our first home just us together with completely no room mates on saturday and I could not be happier right now(:

Can’t stop thinking about this. How different would this world be if humans had not developed the care for physical appearance? SO incredibly different. Imagine if no one cared of your appearance. Ever. Because in reality we are so much more than these bodies. These temporary vessels. We are a soul. These bodies die. But what we actually are does not. But in this world, we are just about completely judged and perceived by our physical body. There are so much more important things in this world to discover and find out. So much to be brought here and learned. But we are all focused on petty, made up things. Earthly things. There’s so much more than physical appearance to the world. And this shit is so hate based. We will never get any where on this planet unless we start working together imstead of battling each other. Instead of working as one species and expanding, we are all just down here fighting each other. A crazy world we live in, oh yes.